The Lives of Stanley B

Mat Guy, author of Barcelona to Buckie Thistle, Minnows United: Adventures at the Fringes of the Beautiful Game, and Another Bloody Saturday, turns his pen to fiction in one of the best novels with a football theme you'll read. The story threads of four main characters are deftly woven together, and it is a boat – the Stanley B – itself a survivor, at the centre. They all share a love of the game and its power as a diversion from the harsher realities of life. Forget Fever Pitch, The Lives of Stanley B gets to the heart of why football matters – written by an author who properly understands the game.

“Throughout the book Guy’s writing has a poetic quality, with his depictions of the Lakes, and nature in general, painting wonderful pictures for the reader... football plays its part too. Guy’s obvious knowledge and love of the beautiful game evident in his depiction of football at all levels and echoing its importance in the lives of the central characters. The descriptions of the ritual of attending games are incredibly authentic as is the recognition by Guy that being absorbed by the action on the pitch can provide respite from the pressures of everyday life. Life is indeed a journey and Guy uses football as the metaphor in Stanley B to wonderfully travel it.”


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Who was Tom Maskell? Could he really have made it to the top? Where is he now?

This is the boat that inspired one of the main threads of the story.

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