The Perfect Outside - by Rohit Trilokekar

I'm a excited to be able to bring this unique book, by Mumbai-based author Rohit Trilokekar to publication.

Publication: 15th October 2021



"Rohit Trilokekar writes with passion and sophistication in an era of vanilla books that say nothing! His allegorical novel raises profound questions about identity and existence, freedom and courage.... the eternal outsider/insider debate meets a fresh challenge in this delightful fable."
            - Shobhaa De (best-selling Indian novelist)

"Trilokekar's book is a whimsical, charismatic foray into the life of a parrot seeking freedom and a cat who has too much of it. It reads breezily, but its deep allegorical significance is never lost on the reader. The writing sparkles, and his comedic touch refreshes us constantly."
       - Siddhartha Mukherjee, Pulitzer Prize winner



In her dreams Polly is a beautiful macaw flying free in The Perfect Outside. In reality she is no more than a common green parrot, forever looking out through the bars of her cage. Beyond those bars is Fluffy, a Persian Queen of a cat, who loves her indolent, inside life ― and Wadia, her eccentric, stuck-in-a-rut owner and his TV set.

This is the story of how Polly and Fluffy plot their escape and embark on an adventure and explore the meaning of being outside, of freedom and inner happiness.

Is this an allegorical tale like Life of Pi? A life-affirming book of self-actualisation like Jonathan Livingston Seagull? A parable for our times like The Little Prince? Or just a nice story about a parrot and a cat? That will be determined in the mind of the reader.


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