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Favourite Filipino Recipes

Filipino Recipes cover

25 easy to follow recipes adapted for Western shoppers using readily available ingredients.

Filipino cuisine is a combination of Filipino native flavours with accents of Spanish, Chinese and American tastes. Whether it is stews, noodles, lumpia, or cupcakes and buns, Filipino cuisine has evolved into something distinctive. Filipino restaurants are few and far between, so this book allows you to get ahead of the culinary curve.

The recipes are inspired by the author's time in the Philippines where he met his wife and by the cooking they do at home to recreate that unique Filipino cuisine in the UK. The book is based on the handwritten notes they have kept in notebooks over the years. 

These simple recipes will be useful to both Filipinos living and working in the UK for the NHS, for example, and who would like a taste of home, or for people who would just like to branch out and try Filipino cooking. 

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