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The Skippper's Wooing

Captain Wilson, skipper of the Seamiew, is besotted with a woman he has only observed from a distance. He sees a way to ease is way in to her affections and offers a reward to his crew to help him in his quest. The fun then starts as each of them tries to bag the reward for himself and leads to a lot of bother for each of them as they sail round the South Coast. This is classic British understated humour, that would translate marvellously to the screen.


“The story of how Captain Wilson, master and Owner of the schooner Seamiew, won the hand of Miss Annis Gething is one which few people, to use an expressive vulgarism, will be able to read ‘with a straight face’.” – The Spectator


“It contains scenes which we shall not be able to recall without a smile for many weeks to come… It is a good story well told and full of humour and drollery.” – The Daily Telegraph

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