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Ebenezer Elliotts' grave

No True Bard

- a selection of the poems of Ebenezer Elliott

Accessible to the modern reader, this is an introduction to the poetry of Ebenezer Elliott: probably South Yorkshire's most celebrated poet. It should answer the question of all those who walk past his statue in Sheffield's Weston Park and say: "who was he then?"

Ray Hearne says of the book:


Neil and Steven Kay have done us a favour. Anyone interested in the poetry of South Yorkshire should make a friend of Elliott. Forgive him some flannel and rough edges, but take him to heart for framing a verse that puts the fight against poverty and oppression at its core, that celebrates South Yorkshire landscapes and tongues, and always displays the courage of its convictions. Even Wordsworth said after Elliott’s death, “None of us have done better than he has in his best.” 

No True Bard cover
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