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Stick Float Wizardry
                    - Jim Baxter

Hundreds of years of experience of fishing with stick floats packed into this book, including many tales from the golden age of match fishing on England's waterways. Books contains loads of colour photos and illustrations

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What people are saying:

“It’s not just about stick float fishing. This book a time travel experience, meeting and learning the ideas of the founders of a lot of modern-day match winning methods; simply fantastic!”  - Matt Godfrey


"Having never used 1889books before I was delighted with the ease of ordering and prompt service.The end result, another brilliant read from Jim Baxter in the form of Stick Float Wizardry. As with Jim's Rising Antenna, an addictive read, I could not put it down. I know, I shall keep returning to both, and to those contributors in the book. Thank you, for now at least reawakening that roach fever! Well done from me, Jim, I think another winner." - Roly Moses

" A fascinating insight into the invention and evolution of the stick float, as seen through the eyes of acknowledged masters of the method. Stick Float Wizardry completes its journey by entering the modern era of long rod Bolognese tactics and flat floats on the pole.’ - Paul Dennis, angling author


"A banquet of food for thought for the river angler. It made me think about the sticks I use and how they work." - Andy Hartley, Middlesborough float maker

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