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September 22, 2015


I am looking for help from writers in putting together a collection of short stories as a charity fundraiser for the charity ‘War Child.’ I have collected eight stories which are in various stages of draft (5 of mine and 3 written by a friend). A version of one of the...

April 14, 2015



This post complements the one on Indie-publishing on a Shoestring at:


I had struggled to work out how to do it until I found a YouTube video by a lovely guy called Lindsay Woolcott wh...

April 14, 2015


This is my entry for the Songs of Praise competition for the fans "Abide with Me" choir. They wanted stories that reflect the personal memories and passion of the cup. In 200 words they were after something that would be judged on the following criteria:



February 9, 2015

I first read this story on the writing website: YouWriteOn. It is a superb story. The author, Mark J Howard has kindly given me permission to share it. Take just 5 minutes out to tread it - you won't regret it. Mark is a currently homeless and does all his writing on a...

February 9, 2015

I’ve been thinking a lot about football’s soul recently. It’s perhaps an age thing; add to that watching my son battling away in his first season in the junior league, an emotional response to the FA Chairman’s England Commission report, England’s predictable failure...

February 9, 2015

On April 25th 1915 Sheffield United beat Chelsea by three goals to nil in the FA Cup final at Old Trafford, the only Cup Final to be played in time of war. The Khaki Cup...


Joe stepped off the train. The grease and steam from the engine mixed with that distinct sm...

November 26, 2014

To indie-publish or not?

When I finally gave up sending The Evergreen in red and white to agents and publishers, and got sick of the lack of even the smallest courtesy of a reply, I was faced with a decision: do I bin several thousand hours of work or do I somehow go ah...

November 26, 2014

Is Of Mice and Men really the best we can do as a text for our kids to study at GCSE? My daughter is currently being force fed Steinbeck in English Literature and how unappetising a diet it must be for a young reader. These are kids setting out, you would hope, on a li...

September 15, 2014

Can you tell us a bit more about your background other than that you went to "Gleadless

Valley Comprehensive School for Talented Children?"


My family (going back numerous generations) are Sheffield born and bred and I was brought up on the mean streets of Norton...

August 18, 2014

At a writers’ event I asked the panel if there was a bias in the publishing industry against Northern writers. One of the comments made was to mention a quote of someone or other that you can’t be considered a great writer until you have written a novel set in London....

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August 18, 2014

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Tackling symptoms not causes – the FA Chairman’s England Commission Report May 2014

May 20, 2014

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