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Steven Kay Workplace Health and Safety Consulting 


I was an inspector in the Health and Safety Executive for over 35 years, working across nearly all industry sectors, most recently for 10 years in major accident hazards (chemical works, oil refineries, steel works etc). There are probably no other inspectors with my breadth and depth of experience in front-line inspection and enforcement anywhere in the country.
My record within the regulator and my reputa
tion with major manufacturers I have worked with, stand for themselves. I have taken dozens of prosecutions in magistrates' courts, including conducting a number of trials and taking a case to the High Court. I have prosecuted many large organisations ‒ so I  know how to keep firms out of trouble, as well as being adept in analysing where things have broken down. I have presented expert evidence several times in court. From 2016 to 2018 I trained and assessed inspectors on HSE's post-graduate diploma course (CIEF accredited Level 3 Award in Education and Training).


Mobile: 07799 250186

Steven Kay Health and Safety consulting

Presentation skills

I have spoken on conferences platforms at events run by the likes of IOSH, the TUC, IER and Hazards, as well as at Westminster at an All Party Parliamentary meeting on workplace health and safety. I have given evidence before Work and Pensions Parliamentary Select Committees hearing into the work of HSE, and met with Government ministers. I have been heavily involved in HSE's internal Health and Safety Committee, advising most recently on workplace stress and Covid risk reduction.

My Values

The reason I stuck with HSE for so long, despite the pay I could have attracted elsewhere, was that this was where I could make the most difference to improving people's lives: improving working conditions and making businesses more productive and efficient in the process ‒ you can't have a good and successful business whilst neglecting your people and impact on the environment. I believe in fair reward for fair effort. I am not out to make a fast buck at anyone's expense.

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