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Escafeld Press

         -  publishing your book without ripping you off

An imprint of 1889 Books, for things that don't sit comfortably alongside the other books for whatever reason. I am happy to take submissions from authors for their work. If you've written something you think I might be interested in publishing, please get in touch. 


I know how tough it is to get your work out there, no matter how good it is, so I won't muck you about, or look to fleece people. Fair shares for fair proportion of effort/creativity is how it should be. I collaborated with a number of writers for the Joe Stepped Off the Train Book, and have produced a number of books for others. I find it tremendously rewarding so I look forward to future projects.

I will be straight on what is achievable. The traditional publishing industry retains a stranglehold over book retailing and it is very hard to break through that. Unfortunately too many aspiring authors are exploited or have unrealistic expectations.

I have developed experience of publishing nice looking books and e-books and am happy to share that experience.  I can help with editing and improving all aspects of your work.  Email me at:




Escafeld books: 

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